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ToonCat™ 2-In-1 Pet House

ToonCat™ 2-In-1 Pet House

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Experience the versatility of our Cozy 2-In-1 Pet Home, designed to effortlessly adapt to changing seasons. As the temperature shifts from colder to warmer months, this innovative pet home easily transitions to accommodate your pet's comfort. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a pet home that caters to your pet's needs in every season.

Washable & Non-slip Bottom

Our pet bed features a detachable and washable nest pad, making cleaning a breeze and ensuring a fresh and hygienic resting space for your pet. The anti-slip bottom provides stability, preventing the bed from sliding or shifting on various surfaces. Additionally, the bottom is waterproof, offering protection against accidental spills or accidents. Give your pet a comfortable and clean sanctuary with our thoughtfully designed and easy-to-maintain pet bed.



Material: PP cotton (Polypropylene fabric)

  • M: 12.99" x 12.99"inch (approx.4kg/8.8LB for pets)
  • L: 14.17" x 14.17" inch (approx.6kg/13.2LB for pets)
  • XL: 15.74" x 15.74"inch (approx.12kg/26.4LB for pets)
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