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Arm & Hammer Slide Litter™

Arm & Hammer Slide Litter™

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Easy Clean-Up:

Our formula is designed to make cleaning up a breeze. The litter slides right out of the litter box, eliminating the need for scraping and scrubbing. Say goodbye to stuck-on litter!


7-Day Odor Control:

Our Clump & Seal technology seals and destroys odor, ensuring a 7-day odor-free home. You can trust that your home will stay fresh and inviting, even with multiple cats.


Tight Clumps:

The moisture-activated micro-granules in our litter form a tight seal around cat waste. Combined with plant-derived particles, this creates rock-hard clumps that are easy to scoop. No more crumbling or breaking apart!


99.9% Dust-Free:

We understand the frustration of dust clouds when pouring or scooping litter. That's why our SLIDE litter is 99.9% dust-free, keeping your home clean and your lungs happy.


Suitable for Multi-Cat Households:

Our litter is strong enough to handle the needs of multi-cat households. Each litter box will stay fresh and odor-free, providing a comfortable environment for all your feline friends.


Non-Stop Odor Control:

If you prefer a freshly scented litter, we also offer the Non-Stop Odor Control formula. This continuous action formula ensures a pleasant scent in your home, while still providing the same exceptional clumping and odor control.

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