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PetFleaPro™ Electric Flea Comb

PetFleaPro™ Electric Flea Comb

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Get Rid Of Pests With Ease

Fleas and Ticks are a natural part of your pet's life.  Get rid of them with ease, and without touching them!

The PetFleaPro™ is specifically made to eliminate pests on your pets!


This electric comb is specifically engineered to target and eliminate lice and fleas from your dog's coat. Cordless and powered by 2AA batteries (not included). It uses gentle zaps to stun and effectively remove these parasites from your pet's fur. 

Ease of use:

The comb is designed for ease of use, allowing pet owners to effortlessly navigate through their dog's coat. Simply run the comb through your dog's fur, and the electric pulses or vibrations will help dislodge and capture lice and fleas.

Safety features:

The comb is crafted with the safety of your dog in mind. It is designed to be gentle on your pet's skin, preventing any discomfort or irritation during combing.

Hygiene and cleanliness:

Reduces fur shedding by up to 90% with regular use. 


Electric anti-lice and flea combs are often designed for multi-species use, meaning they can be utilized on both dogs and cats. This versatility allows you to address lice and flea infestations in multiple pets within your household.


The electric comb is an additional tool to help manage lice and flea infestations on your dog or cat. With the single-row teeth, making it easier to see what is being combed out.

Measurements and Features: 2.5” L  X 6.7” W X 10.25” H. Suitable for small, medium, and large cats and dogs. Battery operated: 2 AA (Not Included)
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