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ToughTrek™ Dog Leash

ToughTrek™ Dog Leash

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Thick Nylon Construction:

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Made from high-quality, thick nylon material, this leash is built to last. It can handle strong pulls and tugs, making it ideal for large and energetic dogs.

Comfortable Foam Handle:

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The leash features a thick foam-padded handle, providing you with a comfortable grip during long walks or activities. Say goodbye to uncomfortable leash burns or strains on your hand.

Reflective Design:

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Our leash is equipped with reflective stitching, enhancing visibility to ensure you and your dog are seen by motorists and pedestrians.

Emergency Collar

In case you find yourself without a collar, the leash can be quickly and securely fastened around your dog's neck as a temporary collar. This practical feature ensures you can still keep your dog safe and under control during unforeseen situations.


Swivel Clip:

The heavy-duty swivel clip provides flexibility and prevents the leash from tangling, allowing your dog to move freely while ensuring your hands stay hassle-free.

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