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NipBliss™ Organic CatNip

NipBliss™ Organic CatNip

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10G Catnip:

  • This option includes 10 grams of organic catnip.
  • The compact size makes it ideal for trying out catnip for the first time or for occasional use.

20G Catnip:

  • This option offers 20 grams of organic catnip.
  • It provides a slightly larger quantity of catnip for more extended play sessions and multiple uses.

30g Catnip:

  • This option contains 30 grams of organic catnip.
  • It offers the largest quantity of catnip in our range, ensuring a generous supply for your cat's entertainment.

Our organic catnip is sourced from natural and pesticide-free plants, ensuring that it is safe for your cat's consumption and play. As it is organic, you can have peace of mind knowing that no harmful chemicals or additives are present.

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