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ToughTug™ Dog Rope Toys Set

ToughTug™ Dog Rope Toys Set

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Durable & Safe:

  • Our chew toys are made from high-quality cotton rope that is tough and durable, able to withstand the strong chewing of dogs. The ropes are tightly braided to ensure they hold up to rigorous play while being safe for your pet.

Dental Health:

  • Chewing on the ropes helps clean your dog's teeth and gums, reducing plaque buildup and promoting good oral hygiene. The natural texture of the cotton fibers helps remove tartar and massage the gums, contributing to better dental health.

Interactive Play:

  • The set of 9 toys offers various shapes, sizes, and textures, making them suitable for different types of play. Whether it's a game of tug-of-war, fetch, or simply chewing and shaking, these toys provide interactive fun for you and your dog.

Relieves Boredom:

  • Chewing on the ropes helps relieve boredom and anxiety in dogs, providing them with a healthy outlet for their natural chewing instincts. This can help prevent destructive behavior and keep them mentally stimulated.
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