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Chuckit!™ Ball Bucket 8 Count

Chuckit!™ Ball Bucket 8 Count

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Popular Fetch Ball:

The Chuckit! Bucket is specifically created for dogs that love to fetch. It includes 8 of Chuckit!'s #1 selling Ultra Balls in a medium size, ensuring you have plenty of balls to keep the game going.

Easy Toy Cleanup:

The bucket features specially designed drainage holes that allow water to drain out. When it's time to clean dirty toys, simply place them inside the bucket, fill it with water, and give it a swoosh. The drainage holes ensure efficient and hassle-free toy cleaning.


The bucket comes with a carry handle, allowing you to take the fun of fetch wherever you go. Whether you're heading to the park or going on an outdoor adventure, the carry handle makes it easy to transport the bucket and toys.

Secure Lid:

The bucket includes a secure lid that keeps everything inside when fetch time is over. This ensures that the balls and toys stay safely stored until the next play session.

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