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LaserPaw™ Automatic Cat Laser Toy

LaserPaw™ Automatic Cat Laser Toy

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Laser Fun:

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Our cat toy emits a laser light that captures your cat's attention and becomes their ultimate playmate. The laser light stimulates their hunting instincts, keeping them active and entertained.

Automatic Rotation:

The cat teaser laser rotates automatically, creating unpredictable patterns and movements that mimic prey. This keeps your cat engaged and challenged, enhancing their play experience.

Adjustable Circle Ranges:

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The toy allows you to adjust the circle ranges of the laser light, providing variety and customization to cater to your cat's preferences. Choose from 5 different circling ranges to create an exciting play session.

Handheld Mode:


In handheld mode, you can take control of the laser light and interact with your cat. This mode promotes bonding and gives you the opportunity to engage in play together.

Sturdy Design:


The toy is designed to withstand play and prevent it from being easily knocked over by active cats. This ensures that the play session remains uninterrupted and enjoyable.

Smart Operation:

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Our cat toy operates in 15-minute intervals, with a 1.5-hour break between sessions. This smart design ensures that your cat has regular playtime without overstimulation, promoting a healthy balance of exercise and rest.

Material: PC+ABS
Color: white
Power: USB or 4 AA batteries(Not Included)

Size: 80*80*180mm


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