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ComfyNest™ Pet Bed

ComfyNest™ Pet Bed

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Cozy Fleece

The perfect haven for your beloved furry friend: the ultimate pet bed!  Meticulously crafted with soft and cozy fleece to provide the utmost comfort for your furry companion. Our pet bed is designed to create a warm and inviting space where your dog can unwind and enjoy a restful sleep.

9 Different Styles/Colors

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6 Different Sizes

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Size 1: 3.3lb- Pet Weight

Size 3: 6.6lb- Pet Weight

Size 4: 16.5lb- Pet Weight

Size 5: 27.5lb- Pet Weight

Size 6: 38.5lb- Pet Weight

Size 7: 60.5lb- Pet Weigh

Wash Style

Hand Wash


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