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EcoKind™ Elk Antler Tips - 100% Natural

EcoKind™ Elk Antler Tips - 100% Natural

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100% Natural, Nutrient-filled Treats for Dogs

Elk antler dog chews are an excellent source of naturally occurring Calcium, Phosphorous, Manganese, & Zinc -- all essential vitamins to keep your pup healthy.

Improve Dental Hygiene

These tough chews are fantastic for aggressive chewers & are great for tartar control and overall dental hygiene.

Hand-sorted for Top Quality

We pick out each individual antler by hand, choosing only the largest and healthiest elk antlers for your dog to chew for hours.

One Ingredient 

It should go without saying that all EcoKind elk antlers contain only one ingredient: elk antlers! 100% elk bone tissue with a savory marrow core. EcoKind's antler tips are the smallest pieces of antlers we carry. 

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