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PawPalace™ Cat Tree

PawPalace™ Cat Tree

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Multiple Sizes:

Our cat tree tower is available in four different heights: 139cm, 165cm, 145cm, and 85cm. Choose the size that best suits your space and your cat's preferences.


The cat tree tower includes a platform at different levels, providing your cat with a place to perch, observe their surroundings, and relax.

Enclosed Condo Area:

Where your cat can retreat and have some private time. The cozy condo provides a sense of security and serves as a quiet space for your cat to nap or hide.

Hanging Ball Toy:

To add an extra element of playfulness, our cat tree tower includes a hanging ball toy. This interactive toy encourages your cat to engage in play and exercise, stimulating their natural hunting instincts.


Sturdy Construction:

Made from high-quality materials, ensuring stability and longevity. The sturdy design allows your cat to climb, jump, and play with confidence.

  • Weight: 13.34kg
  • Height: 139cm/165cm/145cm/85cm
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